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Second, measure your shirt. You'll need a measuring tape or ruler, your shirt, and a flat surface. As you select each measurement, instructions will show up on the right to show you how to measure it.

How to measure a shirt's neck size

Measuring a shirt's neck size

Lay your shirt on its back and open the collar. Make sure the collar is flat and straight. Measure from middle of the button (you can see the knot from the button) to the far end of the button hole. Measure as accurately as you can.

This shirt has a neck size of 16.25 inches.

How to measure a shirt's sleeve length

Measuring a shirt's sleeve length

Flip your shirt over so it's laying on its front. Make sure it's unbuttoned. Straighten out one of the arms and make sure it's a little tight, but not stretched. Start at the very center of the collar where it joins the back of the shirt. Measure all the way to the end of the sleeve in a straight line.

This shirt has a sleeve length of 36.3 inches.

How to measure a shirt's shoulder width

Measuring a shirt's shoulder width

Now, button up your shirt and lay it on its front again. Measure straight across from shoulder seam to the other. The piece of fabric at the top of a shirt's back is call a 'yoke'. This is what you're measuring.

This shirt has a shoulder width of 19.5 inches.

How to measure a shirt's length

Measuring a shirt's back length

While the shirt is still face-down, measure from the center of the collar where it connects to the back of the shirt (the same place as you started measuring the sleeve length) to the bottom center of the shirt.

This shirt's length is 32.0 inches.

How to measure a shirt's chest width

Measuring a shirt's chest width

Next, flip your shirt over so it's on its back. Smooth out the shirt so it's perfectly flat. Measure carefully from the bottom of one armpit to the bottom of the other armpit.

This shirt's chest width is 24.5 inches.

How to measure a shirt's stomach width

Measuring a shirt's stomach width

Your shirt should still be laying flat on its back. Just for good measure, smooth it out again. Measure across the narrowest part of the shirt. This should be around where it would go over your belly button. Make sure you measure straight across and not slightly up or down.

This shirt's stomach width is 22.88 inches.

How to measure a shirt's sleeve width

Measuring a shirt's sleeve width

Lay the shirt out flat. Pull out one arm so it's also flat and the bottom is folded right along the seam. Start about an inch from the bottom of the armpit and measure across the sleeve. Your measuring tape should be at a right angle to the top of the sleeve.

This shirt's sleeve width is 9.19 inches.

How to measure a shirt's cuff

Measuring a shirt's cuff

Measuring the cuff is just like the neck, just on a smaller scale. Find the middle of the button (if there are two, use the outside one) and measure across to the outside of the button hole stitching.

This shirt's cuff is 9.8 inches.

That's it! You're done!

Please use inches.

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