What type of fabric makes great pants?

Posted on December 4 by Mike

Of course, the first thing you notice about someone’s pants are the fabrics. We decided to focus on three main fabric types for our pants – wool, corduroy, and cotton/chinos.

Corduroy is an under-appreciated pants fabric. It’s dressier than jeans and cooler than khaki, so there are lots of chances to wear it. (Interesting fact: “corduroy” is also a verb meaning to build a road across a swamp out of logs) Even though there are tons of colors of corduroy, such as Teddy Bear Corduroy for a classics look or Shamrock Cords for something more adventurous.

The cotton fabric we ended up with is a traditional chino twill. They’re a little thick, but not too heavy. Only the color differs between them. Some classic colors are stone, olive, blue, khaki, and navy.

The large majority of fabrics are wool. This is because they provide a great deal as well as offer a wide variety of choice. If you’re into checks, try out our Slate/Red Windowpane and A Checkered Past. If you like pinstripes, Black, Gray, and even Sand-colored are great colors.

Finally, there are heavy wool fabrics, which make great in winter pants. Brown Bear and Winter Check are two great choices. They’re a little thicker, so they tend to be a bit more expensive.

Which pattern is your favorite?

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