How the 1860s can still teach us about style

Posted on January 14 by Mike

Rhett Butler - dated fashion, eternal style

Rhett Butler - dated fashion, eternal style

Fashion is about items and brands; style is about being able to put everything together.

Therefore style lasts a lot longer than fashion.

One of the great places to see style rather than fashion is in the movie stars and people we remember from a long time ago. If their style wasn’t timeless, we probably would have forgotten them.

Look at Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. This is a story about the Civil War that was filmed in 1939. Yet if Rhett showed up in New York today he’d still be considered quite well dressed because of his style – even though the specific pieces in his fashion might be a little bit dated.

One way to get inspiration from the Gone With the Wind style is to replace specific items with more modern equivalents. E.g. don’t look for a red ascott; instead, find a tie in a similar color and match it with a gray vest and black pants. Then all you have left is just preparing yourself for the compliments when you walk down the street.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

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