Shirt Fit Finder has a problem…

…and you can help!

Even with almost 300 different shirt sizes in our database, too many men still can't find the right size shirt. Last month, 35% of searches on Shirt Fit Finder returned no results. That means 35% of men are too tall, too short, too muscular, or too slim to find their size in our current database.

This hurts.

Our mission is to help every man dress better by finding shirts that will fit him perfectly and complement his natural frame. If we're missing recommendations for the 35% of us, we are failing.

Therefore, we've decided to renew our commitment to this mission and make it easier than ever to contribute new sizes and help grow the SFF database. First, we started talking to companies about inputting their size information directly (if you represent a corporation who would like your shirts featured on SFF, please contact me directly at

Also, we updated the contribute-a-size page a little to make it easier to help confirm new sizes. Shirt Fit Finder allows anyone to submit a size and provides instructions for how to measure your shirt. However, it's possible to make a mistake when measuring, especially if you haven't done it before, so we don't display the size in the results until at least two users have entered the same size. If the measurements both users enter are close to each other, we take the average and use that as the official measurement. However, if the numbers that the users enter varies widely, we continue to wait for more users to input the size and provide consensus.

Now on the new-size page, we call out these unconfirmed sizes so that if you see one that you actually own, you can help make sure our measurements are accurate so we can start recommending the size to other men.

Thank you so much for your help and support. Together we can make clothes shopping simple and clear for all men - the way it should be.

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