How the 1860s can still teach us about style

Posted on January 14 by Mike

Fashion is about items and brands; style is about being able to put everything together.

One of the great places to see style rather than fashion is in the movie stars and people we remember from a long time ago. If their style wasn’t timeless, we probably would have forgotten them.

Look at Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind


What type of fabric makes great pants?

Posted on December 4 by Mike

Of course, the first thing you notice about someone’s pants are the fabrics. We decided to focus on three main fabric types for our pants – wool, corduroy, and cotton/chinos.

Corduroy is an under-appreciated pants fabric. It’s dressier than jeans and cooler than khaki, so there are lots of chances to wear it. (Interesting fact: “corduroy” is also a verb meaning to build a road across a swamp out of logs)


What to wear to a job interview as a software developer

Posted on September 19 by Mike

Many years ago, I needed to prepare for very first interview for a software development internship as a freshman at MIT. I dutifully put on my suit and tie and went to the careers office, only to get interviewed by a guy in jeans and a t-shirt. Since then, I’ve grown up and gone on a lot more interviews, so I like to think that I’ve figured out how to dress for interviews at software companies.

First of all, the most important thing in an interview is to be relaxed and confident…


Shirt Fit Finder has a problem…

Posted on July 20 by Mike

Even with almost 300 different shirt sizes in our database, too many men still can't find the right size shirt. Last month, 35% of searches on Shirt Fit Finder returned no results. That means 35% of men are too tall, too short, too muscular, or too slim to find their size in our current database.

This hurts.

[more] is your source for tall shirts, short shirts, unusual sized shirts, and all other types of dress shirts. We provide a searchable database of shirt sizes so that you will always find the shirt that fits you great.